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VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

Welcome to a real adventure in the UAE.

Embark on thrilling dune bashing in the legendary red sands of the Lahbab with a mesmerizing sunset photostop in the magical sands of the majestic desert.

No evening came be complete without a proper dinner experience and live program which you are certain to get in our newly opened camp.


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Sharing Car
180 Per Person.
165 AED/child (3-11)


Private Car
1000 Per Car.
maximum 6 guests

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08:00 - 20:00 DAILY



Most frequent questions and answers

Comfortable sport wear is recommended.

Sport shoes or flip-flops.

During winter, it is recommended to have warm clothes during the evening.

Reservations are fully refundable 48 hours before the reservation date.

Children under 2 years old are not allowed.

Children 2-12 years old – a children’s rate applicable. 

Ages 12 and up are considered adults.

It is, by law, not permitted to drive an off-road vehicle without a special license. If you wish to drive yourself, you have an option of renting a buggy or an ATV.

Children 2 years old or younger are not allowed on the tour. 

‘Desert Safari’ is a generic term like ‘Restaurant’ or ‘Hotel’. 
There are many different suppliers with varying levels of quality.

We work with only fully legal suppliers and trusted, quality providers. We do not cut corners on any aspect of the tour.

The dune bashing is done in the elite ‘red sands’ of Sharjah, near the ‘Big Red Dunes’. Many suppliers do the dune bashing in a much closer and less picturesque part of the desert, just outside the city.

All drivers are experienced, qualified and licensed by DTCM.

At the camp, we restrict number of guests to be within a comfortable density. We pay attention to the food quality at the camp as well as employ talented performers to make your evening great.

Whenever something is very cheap, there is a catch.

Guests are more than welcome to take photos or videos through the entirety of the tour.

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